15 July 2009

SuperDogSweepy's New Blog

I know. I know. Je sais. Je sais.
I'm moving again.
Making a new bark site . . . again.

I needed to create a new one to start afresh.
I feel odd barking in here.
It felt like a hollow tomb with bad audio.
Besides, I needed a new look . . . again.

Keeper went ballistic.
Well, I'm sorry but I can't help it
if I wanted a new look and a new place!

And since yesterday was the 50th day I lost my blog and as of this minute I see no clear chances of recovering all my precious drools so I better move on . . . . do follow me furries!

See ya at my new place!
Click at the title or here to get there!

12 July 2009

Drawing Dog Blues

Okay, it is time for this drawing dog to get to work.

After all, I can't hunt for intruders . . .
I can't even just play with them . . .
Well okay, if they end up dead . . .
is not my fault but somebody . . .
BIG, Black and goes by the name Bogart.

Bogart can practically KILL anybody
simply just by walking on it.
Look, he once killed Keeper's toenails
simply by stepping on it!
Keeper said it took months
for her little toenails to grow
and guess what?
Keeper did not even scold Bogart!
Bogart got a hug instead! Ugh!
Keeper said Bogart did not mean it
and said that her toenails will grow back . . .

. . . but added with great emphasis:
dead intruder-thingy can not.
I rest my case.

So where was I?

Ah, okay. . .
Here I am back to my numerous tasks.
Today I am helping Keeper
design her color module
for her kiddy art workshop.

Keeper can put a bowl of fruits like this
and she will draw this together with the kids.
The kids can learn the three primary colors
while learning to draw in quick easy steps!

Whaddya think, big B?

Bogart is a great assistant.
His face is perfect to rest my pastels
while waiting for my snacks
or when I take my pee break.

Keeper took a look at my drawing
but did not say anything.
Instead, she made a drawing for Bogart:

. . . something dark, silly and so-so.

So when Keeper turned her back to get some snacks
I added something to her drawing . . .

. . . which means all boring, black something
should stay out and not look cute
when I am busy working!

Just one of those pesky days . . .