15 July 2009

SuperDogSweepy's New Blog

I know. I know. Je sais. Je sais.
I'm moving again.
Making a new bark site . . . again.

I needed to create a new one to start afresh.
I feel odd barking in here.
It felt like a hollow tomb with bad audio.
Besides, I needed a new look . . . again.

Keeper went ballistic.
Well, I'm sorry but I can't help it
if I wanted a new look and a new place!

And since yesterday was the 50th day I lost my blog and as of this minute I see no clear chances of recovering all my precious drools so I better move on . . . . do follow me furries!

See ya at my new place!
Click at the title or here to get there!

1 comment:

Pedro said...


I tried to post a comment on your new blog but it didn't work... I like the new place and the colors of the blog too! My mom and I want to apologize for not being good bloggers lately. We’re trying to catch up and just wanted to say hi!